How to Buy Adult Movies in Blu-Ray Format

Blu-Ray discs, a high optic media format, features advanced storage capacity and clearer definition than DVDs. This format caters to HD (high definition) recording and playback. Many major electronics manufacturers support the development and use of Blu-Ray.

More movies, including adult films, are now for sale as Blu-Ray discs. Check out these tips for finding Blu-Ray versions of your favorite adult films.

Call your local adult video store and ask if they carry movies in Blu-Ray format. Large adult-oriented stores like the Hustler Hollywood Store offer a comprehensive selection of movies in many formats. If they don't carry your favorites at a retail store, they might be available through their website.

Browse sites dedicated to Blu-Ray movies. sells Blu-Ray films in all genres. Check out the Blu-Ray selection at other sites (see Resources below).

Find out which adult film studios release films on Blu-Ray. Keep track of new DVDs on Adult Video News and read reviews on Playboy, and other adult entertainment sites. Japanese adult film producers favor this format, so check out site and stores that carry X-rated imports.

Read the latest Blu-Ray developments at Blu-Ray and other websites and forums dedicated to this technology. Since the format's still being developed, availability may change from month to month.

Search film sites frequented by adult movie fans. You'll find Blu-Ray movies here for sale or trade. Try the Xfanz forums.