How to Sew a Hidden Pocket Into a Bra

Sew a Hidden Pocket Into a Bra

Are you traveling abroad? Are you worried about pick-pocketers? The solution is simple, especially if you are a woman. Sew a hidden pocket into your bra. Read this eHow to learn more.

Choose a padded bra in which you'd like to make a hidden pocket. A padded bra works best because it allows you the layers to work with.

Use a seam ripper to make a slit between the padding and the inner lining. Do this step carefully so as not to rip the fabric by a mistake.

Sew some Velcro at the opening to seal it. You might want to sew the Velcro to reinforce it, so the Velcro won't peel away from the bra, making it difficult to access the inner pocket.

Hand-finish any seams to give the bra a flat appearance. The hand seams will be more discrete.

Fold any money so it is as flat as possible before inserting it the hidden pocket of your bra.

Cut a small square of lace, and sew it into the inside panel of your bra, leaving a portion unsewn to act as a flap.

Attach a snap by sewing it onto the inside of the flap to secure the flap closed. A snap would certainly be quieter to actuate than Velcro, but you could use Velcro as well should you prefer it as the flap fastener.

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