How to Keep Seagulls Away

Are messy, aggressive seagulls keeping you away from the outdoor activities you love the most? As seagulls continue to happily multiply, in some coastal areas it has become difficult to move about outside without being pestered by our flying friends. Here are some of the current and creative efforts to control the ubiquitous seagull.

Refrain from feeding the seagulls while you're at the beach. You may want to share your sandwich with them, and they will gladly take it. But the moment you share, they tell two friends, and so on and so on. Let the seagulls get their own food. There's a whole ocean full of potential food sources.

Remember that seagulls love trash. Put a lid on open garbage cans or waste receptacles.

Scare away seagulls from your boat or marina with a product designed for boating. The "Bird Chase Supersonic" is a speaker system that features 22 different bird distress calls. The Gull Chaser of colored marine ropes and flags attaches to your boat and is specially designed to keep the birds away.

Protect outdoor dining areas with a combination of vertical poles and mono filament lines that is set up over the targeted area. This system keeps the seagulls from landing and roosting while your guests or customers are enjoying lunch on your patio. Check out the Seagull Control systems website for more information.

Get creative and introduce a new animal to your property. In Salt Lake City, Utah, seagulls have been foiled at a duck club by introducing weaner pigs to four islands on the property. The pigs are kept in a pen and turned loose in the spring to search for eggs in the gull nests. The result? No more gulls.

Other deterrent ideas include contraceptives or slippery gels applied to nesting sites, as well as nets, spikes and electrical products.

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