How to Create a Dumbeldore Costume

For Harry Potter fans, dressing up as characters from the successful book series can liven up a Halloween or any costume party. If you love Albus Dumbledore, the wise Hogwarts headmaster, dressing up as him could be fun.

You can pretend to be one of the most clever, fearless wizards of all time with a few simple accessories. Don't forget Dumbledore's sage attitude as well to make your costume even more convincing.

Choose robes. These should not be bathrobes but wizard-type robes, long flowing garments that are roomy and reach to the floor.

Beard. Apply facial adhesive to the lower part of your face. Apply the fake beard and let the adhesive set.

Put the wig on your head and place the pointed hat on your head. Then place the half-moon spectacles on your face.

Slip into buckled boots, with high heels or without.

Finish the Dumbledore costume by putting on the cloak.

Brandish your wand and say a few spells