How to Watch Free Movies Online

There are many movies and videos to watch online. Many will come at a price, but free movies are also available. Don't expect to see a full-length cinema blockbuster for free on the web, at least not legally. But you can find several videos to download and watch for free.

Install the right video software onto your computer. Windows Media, QuickTime and RealPlayer are the most widely used. The basic players are often downloaded for free off their makers' websites.

Search for websites and providers that offer free online movies. You can do this through a search engine.

Search the website for the available movies. Keep in mind that the selection may be limited. You may or may not find movies of your interest.

Download the movies as the website says to do. Make sure you have the correct viewing software for your particular movie. Some websites only show movies in one form.

Save your movies to your computer if you can. Try right-clicking the download link and selecting the "save target as" option. The website may also have another link to save.