How to become a go-go dancer

Go-Go dancers are highly sought in many venues like clubs and casinos and have their roots in 1960s England and America during the Mod era. Dancing for money on a pedestal and having everyone covet your position as a beautiful go-go dancer can be glamorous.

However, becoming a go-go dancer can be difficult if you don't have a few simple steps to get you started on the road to go-go success.

Locate clubs and casinos in your area that employ go-go dancers and inquire if they are in need of any new go-go dancers. Club promoters are often looking for go-go dancers, and it can be a wonderful opportunity to start dancing.

Ask the general manager of the club about dancing positions or auditions. Learn the procedure for getting hired and follow it professionally.

Go to auditions for the dancers. Be prepared if you must audition right there for your dancing position. Many go-go dancers go to open auditions at casinos or clubs and get their jobs this way.

Wear appropriate go-go clothing on your audition day, if they do not specify what to wear. The go-go dancers of the 1960s often wore miniskirts, psychedelic colors and tall black boots. Modern go-go dancers are simply scantily clad.

Be professional during your dancing audition. Many dance auditions happen in groups, so make sure you are in performance mode and show off your talent. Go-Go dancing is about being sexy and conveying a good time to the club's or casino's guests.

Audition for other dancing gigs to pad your resume and increase your notoriety as a dancer. After landing your first go-go gig, you may be able to dance at other establishments. Many go-go dancers do not work every night but work shifts at their respective clubs and bars.