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How to Hotwire a Car in Stick RPG Complete

Updated February 21, 2017

"Stick RPG Complete" is a popular online flash game. Within the game, you make many choices that affect your karma and finances. Outside your apartment there is a yellow car. This car can be hot-wired by the player for negative karma. The requirement for hot-wiring the car is that you must have a 350 or higher intelligence. You can gain intelligence in many ways.

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  1. Go to the school. The longer your character spends studying, the more intelligence he will gain.

  2. Gain employment at New Line Inc. As you work at the company, you can gain promotions that will also increase your intelligence.

  3. Watch the news channel at your home. You gain two intelligence points for each viewing.

  4. Buy the Stick-o-Pedia Xgenica. With these encyclopedias, you will gain one intelligence point every time you sleep.

  5. Cheat by typing HEYZEUS!!!! as your player name when beginning a new game. This will start you with 555 in all stats and £6,500. Your intelligence will be more than high enough to hot-wire the car.

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