How to get rid of mice

The most important action to get rid of mice is to clean your entire house. Mice are attracted by food. If they find things to eat in your house, they will be back. Wash up everywhere, especially in your kitchen. Make sure that all food is kept in containers that are not penetrable by mice. Follow these steps to get rid of mice that won't leave your home.

Buy a mousetrap. You can find a mousetrap to purchase at your local grocery store. If you have a major problem, consider buying a bulk amount.

Place the mousetrap in a place where you see evidence of mice activity. Against walls and in sheltered areas usually works best. Avoid putting it in a high-traffic area of your home.

Check the mousetrap. Make it a habit to check the mousetrap every day.

Put on gloves to dispose of dead mice. The gloves will prevent you from contracting any mice-related illnesses. Dispose of the dead mice in a plastic sack to avoid any further contaminations.

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