How to catch your man cheating with spy equipment

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If you suspect your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you and don't want to hire a private detective or force him to submit to a lie detector test on weekday morning television, you'll need to take matters into your own hands. Fortunately, you can avail yourself of a selection of spy tools and gadgets that can help you collect the evidence you'll need to prove your suspicions. An Internet connection, a credit card and a little cunning will be all that's required to get your hands on the spy equipment necessary for the job.

Install monitoring software on your partner's smartphone. Applications such as mSpy, Mobile Spy and StealthGenie allow you to listen into calls, read text messages, peruse emails and use a phone's microphone to listen in to what's going on around it. Once installed, these programs are undetectable to a phone user, so if you can get hold of your man's handset, you can turn it into a 24 hour monitoring device. You can access information you want to retrieve from his phone using a remote computer. As phone tapping is illegal in the UK, you should inform your other half that you've installed monitoring software on his mobile once you've done so.

Plant hidden cameras or microphones in your partner's car, in his briefcase or bag and in your home if you suspect he may be conducting clandestine meetings with the person you suspect he's having an affair with in the property you share. You can pick up a range of ingeniously disguised spy cameras and microphones from companies such as Eyetek Surveillance, Spy Equipment UK and Online Spy Shop.

Fix a GPS tracker to your man's motor. This will allow you to keep track of his whereabouts. If you know where the man or woman you suspect he's playing around with lives, a GPS device will let you know when he's in the vicinity of his bit-on-the-side's home. Once you've established he's at his fancy woman's/man's place, you'll be able to hotfoot it over there and confront him. You can pick up GPS trackers from most good online spy stores.

Invest in a CheckMate infidelity testing kit. This will allow you to test your partner's clothing to make sure it's free of semen traces. Discovering that deposits have been made on his clothing after he left the house in a freshly-cleaned outfit will be a good indicator that he's been playing away. Either that or he's been enjoying himself alone while out and about, which you may find equally as upsetting as infidelity.

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