How to turn on the split screen on iPad

Sandra Mu/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Apple's iPad doesn't allow users to view and work with multiple programs from its screen. As a rule of thumb, you'll typically need to close one program before using another.

If you feel as though the ability to work from multiple apps at the same time would improve your efficiency, you can download a number of apps that will split your screen into multiple sections, allowing you to use multiple apps at the same time.

Tap the App Store icon from the home page of your iPad. Hit the search box at the top of your screen, type in "Split Screen" and tap "Search." You'll be presented with a list of apps that will allow you to view and interact with multiple screens on your tablet.

Browse through the split screen apps available. Check the reviews they've received, not only to get an idea of their quality, but also to work out whether they're safe to download. Despite Apple's rigorous quality control measures, apps hosting malware can slip through the iPad maker's net. Be wary of apps with no reviews. If previous users advise the app regularly crashes or runs slowly, it might be worth looking elsewhere.

Download the app of your choice and read through its user guide. This may be contained within the app, or you might have to visit its publisher's website. Take the time to make sure you're confident you know how to operate your app before using it.

Experiment with your new split screen app. Use it to open different browsers and programs and assess how it performs. If you're not happy, try an alternative, especially the ones that are free.