How to keep car windows from frosting up

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Getting up early on a frosty winter’s day is bad enough without having to scrape ice, spray de-icer or wait around after turning your car on.

We have a fair idea when there’s going to be frost on the windscreen so the best thing is to prevent the ice clinging to your glass rather than deal with it whenever it inevitably arrives. Following any of these easy steps will have you speeding off to work while your neighbours do battle with Jack Frost.

Cover up

Use a barrier between your windscreen and the elements to keep the frost off. A big piece of cardboard, blanket or special windscreen cover can be slid on at night and held on by the windscreen wipers. In the morning, just remove the cover and away you go. You can go one step further and simply park in the garage for an even bigger cover.

Wipe salt mixed with a little water on your windows the night before and the ice won’t be able to form. Using the same theory as that used by council gritter lorries, the ice won’t form anywhere near the salt. You won’t have to do anything in the morning, even if the night hasn’t been frosty.

Take an old sprayer bottle and clean it before adding white vinegar. Spray the vinegar all over the windows you want to protect from frost and it will prevent the ice from forming over night. Alternatively you can use a sponge or cloth soaked in vinegar and wipe it over the glass. You can also use rubbing alcohol in the same way as vinegar to prevent the build-up of ice.

If you’re wary of using anything too homemade, you can buy “pre-icer” that you spray onto your windscreen the night before to prevent icy windows the next day. Like the other products listed above it simply washes off the next day with your washer fluid – provided of course that you have antifreeze in your washer fluid.