How to add a bullet point on Google Docs

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If you have a Google account, Google Docs is a free service that allows you to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations online. You can upload existing files to your Google Drive and edit and save them in Google Docs.

It's really simple to share your document, either by emailing your contacts a link to it or attaching the document itself to an email message. Other internet users can be invited to edit your document and more than one person can view and edit a document simultaneously, making this service ideal for online collaborations. The service has all the basic toolbar buttons you would expect from any word processing tool, making it simple to do everything from changing the font to creating a bulleted list.

Log in to your Google account. On the top bar menu click "Drive." Open the Google doc you want to work on, or select "Create" on the left-hand side and click "Document" from the drop down menu to create a new document.

Select "Format" from the top menu and scroll down to "List styles." Click "Bullet" and a bullet point will appear on your document.

Hit the return key after you have written your first bullet point to create your second bullet point immediately underneath it. Carry on until you have all the bullet points you need. To revert to the regular format, hit delete then return.