How to add the BBC iPlayer app to a Samsung TV

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Apps are now an integral feature of Samsung Smart TVs. The apps are often similar to those you find on smartphones, tablets and computers. One of the most popular is the BBC iPlayer. This gives you access to programming on BBC TV and radio.

You can find your favourite BBC TV shows from the last seven days and watch them in HD. You no longer have to worry about recording them. Your Samsung Smart TV gives you on-demand access by using streaming technology via the Internet.

Ensure your Samsung Smart TV is connected to the Internet. Use your remote control to switch the TV on by pressing the power button. The first page to appear on your Samsung Smart TV is the Smart Hub.

Use the page button on your remote control to go to page five of the Smart Hub. Here you can see a number of popular apps. The BBC iPlayer is among them.

Use the direction button on the remote control to highlight the BBC iPlayer icon. The icon has the name "BBC iPlayer" running across it.

Download the BBC iPlayer menu by pressing "select" on the TV's remote control. You now have access to BBC programmes from the previous week.