How to speed up my computer

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It’s not unusual for computers to slow down in time. Clogging up the drive with large files, tracking objects left by websites or simply the age of the computer can all affect its processing speed. By regularly deleting unwanted files and running system checks it is possible to maintain an optimum performance speed.

Delete Unwanted Files

Go to "My Documents" and send any unwanted files to the recycle bin, including pictures and music.

Right-click on the bin icon and then click "Empty Recycle Bin".

Delete icons on the desk top that you don’t use.

Delete Unwanted Programmes

Go to the Start menu and left-click "Control Panel".

Left-click "Add or Remove Programmes".

Left-click the "Remove" button on any programmes you no longer want. Next to each programme you will see how often you use it and when it was used last.

Defragment Your Hard Drive

Go to the Start menu and hover over "All Programmes" with the mouse.

Go to "Accessories" and then go to "System Tools".

Left-click "Disk Defragmenter".

Select which drive you want to defragment.

Left-click "Analyse" to find out whether you need to defragment the drive. If you do, left-click "Defragment" and leave it to complete the process, which could take several hours.