How do teen magazines affect teen fashion?

Teen magazines are a way for a teenager to find news about the newest fashion trend. Advertisers, marketers and designers know that fashion is very important to most teens, so magazines are a very profitable way to persuade teens to purchase a particular fashion product.

According to a Neopets Youth Study, eight out of ten teens read teen magazines each year. The same study also revealed that teens trust print media over any other media they consume. Teen magazines affect fashion because teens have a strong influence on what society wears.

Teens' Purchasing Power

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, teens between the ages of 13 and 18 spend more than £140 billion each year, and fashion ranks in the top five spending categories. That is a lot of disposable income, which leads to a lot of purchasing power. Teen magazines are well aware of teens' purchasing power, so they cater to what teens want to see. As soon as a new designer or new designs becomes fashionable in society, it will also be available for viewing in teen magazines. Teenagers not only have purchasing power in the marketplace; they also influence what is purchased in the home. Because there are so many teenagers reading teen magazines, they may also persuade the fashion buying decisions of their parents.

Popular Culture and Teen Magazines

Cultural icons, musicians and sports figures can always be found gracing the covers of teen magazines because household names have always influenced the way most teenagers dress. Most teen magazines, which have icons on their covers, also dedicate a "where to buy" page that offers potential buyers all the information they may need to purchase particular fashion products. Because fashion is used similar to the way we use language, teens want their peers to know the vernacular they are speaking in. For instance, if a teen is obsessed with Beyonce, Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift, then she may dress very similar to that pop culture icon to express her admiration.