Ford Escort Radio Installation

Ford Escort owners may find the need to replace their factory radio because of a malfunction or to add a more powerful head unit. Choose an aftermarket stereo deck that meets your car stereo needs while staying within your budget. Once you have selected the stereo to replace your Escort's stock unit, save money and time by purchasing the necessary tools and adaptors and install the new radio yourself. The job is fairly straightforward and requires only a few tools.

Raise the Escort's bonnet. Loosen the negative cable from the battery with a wrench and lift the cable off the negative battery terminal. Move it aside, away from the battery. Move to the inside of the Escort.

Insert the two Ford DIN removal keys into the slots on the sides of the Escort's factory stereo. Push the tools into the stereo until they lock into place. Pull the keys in opposite directions to engage the release mechanisms inside the stereo dock. Pull the stereo from the dock while maintaining outward tension on the keys.

Disconnect the two plastic stereo wiring connectors from the back of the radio. Unplug the antenna cable lead from the back of the stock head unit. Set the factory unit aside.

Slide the new radio's installation sleeve into the stereo dock. Pull the stereo wiring and antenna cables through the sleeve to the front of the Escort's dashboard. Bend the metal tabs at the sleeve's entrance outward with a flathead screwdriver to secure the sleeve in the dock.

Connect the two white plastic wiring connectors at the ends of the Ford's stereo wiring into the wiring harness adaptor leads.

Plug the wiring harness adaptor lead connectors into the outlets on the rear panel of the new radio. Insert the antenna cable lead into the antenna input on the back of the new radio, which is usually on the lower right corner of the stereo's rear panel.

Slide the new radio into the installation sleeve until it locks into place in the dash. Return to the Escort's engine compartment.

Reattach the negative cable to the battery terminal. Tighten the bolt on the clamp with the wrench and close the bonnet.

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