Why does my aloe droop?

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Healthy aloe plants stand upright with a firm stalk and leaves. Drooping aloe plants are a sign that the plant is in need of care. Insufficient water and sunlight, oversized plants and damage may cause an aloe plant to droop.


Aloe plants given too much water or not enough water may droop, especially around the leaves. Check the plant's water level and make sure the container has proper drainage. Water the plant when the soil has dried out and allow it to completely dry before watering it again.


Aloe plants require adequate sunlight and temperature to thrive. Ensure the plant is located in a sunny window or near a window with adequate light during the majority of the day. Keep the plant indoors in cold weather and protect it from frost and freezing temperatures that could kill the plant.

Plant Size

Aloe plants usually grow to fit the container size. Occasionally, the plants will outgrow their containers, particularly if they start in small planters. If the stalk begins to droop, the plant may be too big for the current container. Replant the aloe in a larger container.


Aloe plants are susceptible to damage caused by household pets. Cats and dogs often play with the leaves or lay in the containers, causing damage to the stalk and leaves. Keep the aloe plants out of reach from family pets and small children that could damage the plant.

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