How much does it cost to have grass cut?

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Taking care of your lawn can be a time-consuming and back-breaking chore. Which ever option you choose to maintain your lawn, there will be an upfront or weekly investment required.

Do it yourself

If you are willing to cut the grass yourself, the cost is nothing. If you don't already own a lawnmower, you will have to invest in one but the cost of the mower will quickly pay for itself if you compare the cost of hiring a professional landscaper for the job. Research which type of lawnmower is best for your yard before making the investment.

Professional landscapers

Hiring a professional landscaper to mow your lawn is convenient but expensive. The cost of mowing depends on the area you live in, the size of your yard, how often you want it cut and how difficult the yard is to mow. A small front and back yard may be as little as £13 to £16 ($20 to $25) per week or cut, but the average lawn will likely be anywhere from £19 to £32 ($30 to $50) per week or cut and a large lawn on a quarter of an acre or more may cost closer to £39 or £45 ($60 to $70) per week or cut, as of 2011.

The neighborhood lawn mower

Another option is hire a teenager in the neighbourhood to mow your lawn. He will cost far less than a professional landscaper, but you still have the added convenience. Some may charge as little as £6 to £9 ($10 to $15) for an average size lawn but maybe not even more than £16 or £19 ($25 to $30) for a large lawn. This option may not always produce quite the pristine results you hoped for, but it relieves a lot of headache.

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