Sycamore Tree Growth Rate

Sycamore trees are part of the Platanus L. genus, which contains five species. Of these five, three are commonly known as sycamore trees. Sycamores are fast-growing trees with a range that includes most areas of the eastern and southern United States.

The American sycamore is the most prevalent species of sycamore, with a range spanning the eastern half of the United States and Ontario.

American Sycamore

The American sycamore has a growth rate that allows it to rapidly reach its average mature height of 100 feet. The American sycamore's growth cycle is active during the spring and summer, when it is capable of growing more than 25 inches in a year under good growing conditions.

Arizona Sycamore

The Arizona sycamore is a slow-growing species of sycamore that has an average mature height of 80 feet. The Arizona sycamore's active growth period is during the spring and summer. After 20 years of growth, this species of sycamore averages approximately 20 feet in height.

California Sycamore

The growth cycle of the California sycamore begins in spring and finishes during the summer. Its average maximum height is 75 feet with a height of approximately 20 feet after 20 years of growth. The California sycamore has a slow vertical growth rate averaging 12 inches or less per year.