Climbing Plants That Grow in Pots to Hide a Fence

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Many people growing climbing plants in pots do so because their yard does not offer rich soil or has no room for ground-growing plants. Container-grown climbing plants can be used to hide unsightly fences.

Types of Climbing Plants

Many types of climbing plants can be planted in containers. Vines and climbing antique roses both grow well in pots and can spread enough to conceal garden fences and walls if properly placed. Perennial vines, or vines that grow year after year, should be used when hiding fences, as annuals will need replanting year after year.

Fence Types

Vines that climb using tendrils will need support if the fence is solid. Wire and wooden stakes can be used for support. Picket fences offer the tendrils something to wrap around. Vines and plants that use aerial roots or adhesive discs work best for stone or metal fences, as they can damage wood.


Vines can be grown in containers on the ground or from hanging baskets placed on the fence or wall. In hanging baskets, the vines will grow up the hanging support and will grow over the pot to hang downward. Climbing antique roses grow best in containers on the ground.

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