When to plant sparaxis bulbs

Sparaxis bulbs are hardy and can grow as both annuals and perennials. They are native to South Africa, and require both specific growing temperatures and specific planting times.

Growing Regions

Sparaxis, or harlequin flowers, grow best in Mediterranean climates, and bloom in large, flat blooms of many colours. The stems grow from 10 to 12 inches long, and bloom only once during a season.


Sparaxis blooms in early to late spring, so needs an early spring planting. According to Plant Biology, later plantings are possible, and lead to late summer blooms.


Gardeners should plant Sparaxis bulbs after all frost is passed. A good test for soil readiness is to dig up a handful of soil and squeeze it; soil that falls apart easily is ready for planting while soil that sticks together needs another week or two of drying before it's ready.

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