Luger P08 Barrel Removal

Although the design is more than 100 years old, the Luger P08 remains a popular semi-automatic pistol. In order to properly maintain your Luger pistol, you must have knowledge of its individual pieces and how to remove those pieces.

Luger P08 History

The Luger Parabellum 1908 has its origins in pre-World War I Germany. Georg J. Luger patented the Parabellum pistol design in 1898. By 1908, the German army adopted a version of the gun with a barrel length of 102mm, known as the model P08.

Removal of Pieces

The Luger P08 has 42 separate pieces intricately linked together. Rather than simply removing the barrel of the gun, other pieces must be removed to expose and give access to the barrel. Removing the magazine, grip screw, safety catch and receiver exposes most of the barrel. Complete removal of the barrel requires a complete disassembly of the gun.

Reasons for Removal of Parts

Disassemble a Luger P08 used frequently in order to give the firearm a thorough cleaning. An older gun that has seen poor treatment might have rust build-up. Even a well-maintained P08 accumulates oil and grime, particularly in the barrel.

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