Are gazanias perennials?

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Gazania, also known as the African daisy, is a perennial flower native to South Africa. In the UK, it is sometimes grown as an annual, as it often does not survive harsh winters throughout much of the country.

Annual vs. perennial

Annual flowers are those that survive only one growing season. Perennials are flowers that survive for more than two years. The Royal Horticultural Society advises that gazania needs to be in a heated greenhouse to survive as a perennial. Otherwise, it can grow outdoors as an annual.

Ideal climates

For outdoor planting, the gazania thrives as a perennial in summer months.


In areas where gazania will not survive the winter, take cuttings of the plant in the autumn. Plant them in pots indoors over the winter. In the spring, after the threat of frost has passed, plant the new cuttings outdoors.


To help gazania survive outdoors, plant the flowers in a dry location with lots of daily sun. Gazania, especially smaller varieties, is ideal for sunny window boxes, suggests the Old Fashioned Living website.

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