How to Buy a Samsung Extended Warranty

Samsung is a research and development company that specialises in mobile electronics. It offers both standard and extended warranties on a wide variety of products. Registration can be completed online.


There are two types of Samsung warranties: standard and extended. Standard warranties are available on all Samsung products, and you have the option to register for an extended warranty. Retain your product, materials and packaging in order to supply Samsung with the necessary information to register your product.

Register Online

Extended warranty registration can be performed online at Samsung's Website. (See Resources.) Fill in the appropriate fields with your name, address and other product information; hit "Submit" to complete registration. The extended warranty is essentially just an extension of the original warranty Samsung offers. It can be extended up to a period of five years. It covers the replacement or repair of any defective Samsung hardware during the warranty's lifetime.

Terms and Conditions

You must agree to the Terms and Conditions before Samsung will allow you to participate in its extended warranty program. The Terms and Conditions state the duration of the extended warranty; the document also indicates exactly what is covered. The only items covered are products that Samsung deems defective. Such products will either be replaced or repaired by Samsung, and the replaced parts or products will only be covered by the warranty for the remaining time frame left on the extended warranty you purchased.

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