Facts About Rainforest Flowers

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As ecosystems, rainforests contain many of the world's diverse species of flowers. When you travel to a rainforest in a country like Brazil, the exotic flowers will take your breath away, especially as you see their vivid colours and unique adaptations.


If you were to visit an Australian rainforest, you would discover that 80 per cent of its species of flowers cannot be located in any other place in the world.


Not all rainforest flowers grow in warm, wet climates. The temperate rainforest has moderate temperatures and less rainfall, and is found in locations such as the Pacific Northwest and southern Alaska. This type of rainforest contains tall trees and includes flowers such as the Indian paintbrush, the Queen's cup and the red columbine.

Rare Finds

Tropical rainforests also contain exotic flowers growing in warm climates. Flowers include orchids, some with important medicinal properties, and other species, such as the Ecuadorean rainforest flower. This flower grows hanging from the trees and it coloured purple and yellow.