Why temperature control in the gym is important

Workout image by Nikolay Okhitin from Fotolia.com

It is important to work out in a gym with a temperature between 20 and 21.7 degrees Celsius. This prevents your muscles from cooling too quickly as you work out, and also prevents your muscles and body from overheating.

Muscles and Temperature

If the gym room is too warm, your muscles will fatigue and not work optimally. Your workout then becomes less effective. Equally, if the gym room is too cool, your muscles will not be warm enough to work effectively.

Gym Activity and Temperature

Bikram yoga takes place in a room-temperature of 40.6 degrees Celsius and 40 per cent humidity. This environment is important as it works to reduce stress and tension, and to stretch the muscles deeply. For other yoga and Pilates classes, where the workout is gentler and is not likely to make you too hot, the ideal temperature is 21.7 degrees C. For aerobic, cardiovascular workouts, where you build up a sweat and get warm from the workout, the ideal temperature is a slightly cooler 20 degrees C.

Keep Your Temperature Even

Ideally you will feel a little cool before you begin your workout, and you should not be aware of how cool or warm it is as your workout continues. You certainly should not shiver nor sweat excessively. Your body needs to build muscle and lose fat during your workout, rather than control your body temperature.

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