Guidelines for storage of argon gas bottles

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Argon is a gas, typically used to fill light bulbs and neon signs. Other uses are in the welding industry and the manufacture of steel and semiconductors. Argon is stored as a high pressure liquid in bottles or cylinders that require specific safety precautions.


Argon gas must be stored at a specific temperature in order to maintain the bottle's integrity. Argon should never be stored in an area that is hotter than 50 degrees C or colder than minus -5.56 degrees C. Do not store argon bottles in direct sunlight.

Cylinder Safety

All gas containers, regardless of content, should be stored upright with their valve protection caps in place. Always move bottles with cylinder dollies or portable racks; never roll or drag a bottle.


Store argon bottles in an area away from foot and vehicle traffic to reduce the risk of accidental damage. Indoors, use a well-ventilated storage area. Outdoors, use a storage area that's protected from weather and equipped with a lock to prevent tampering.