How to Buy Iodine

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Many people take iodine supplements for various health reasons, including thyroid disorders, breast cancer and detoxification. There are numerous quality sources from which to buy this important mineral supplement.


You do not need a prescription to buy iodine supplements. They are readily available over the counter through many sources and are easy to find, especially if you shop online.


Iodine is available in liquid and tablet forms. Lugol's Solution iodine is probably the most well-known liquid iodine, and Iodoral tablets are some of the most popular iodine supplements in tablet form.

Sea Vegetables

Certain sea vegetables contain significant amounts of iodine. One of these is kelp. You can buy kelp tablets as a nutritional supplement.


Online retailers, health practitioners, health food stores and speciality pharmacies are some of the key sources for purchasing iodine.


One of the factors determining which iodine you buy can be the type you need. Dosages vary from product to product, and the dosage you want to take can determine which product you choose. Some people opt to take liquid iodine if they want to avoid the fillers and additives that tablets contain.


Lugol's iodine and kelp tablets are relatively inexpensive. Iodoral tablets are more expensive but still affordable for most people. Often you can find a discounted price if you shop around with online retailers.

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