How to Reduce the Effects of Pollution

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Pollution is the contamination of any natural resource. It has major detrimental effects to humans, plants, animals and the safety of the balance of the earth. Many efforts can reduce the effects of pollution if many people focus on them.

Indoor Pollution

Indoor pollution causes conditions like asthma and allergies. It comes from chemicals and dust in your furniture, cleaning supplies and air conditioning. Houseplants help filter and clean polluted air. Opening windows on nice days will reduce the effects of pollution that comes from air conditioning and remove some of the chemicals from other parts of your home.

Rain Gardens

Many car parks and other paved areas are utilising rain gardens. Stormwater runoff hits the rain garden before continuing into more sensitive areas, and pollutants are filtered out. This leaves cleaner water draining into nearby waterways. The rain garden also keeps the topsoil intact better than a lawn or concrete surface would.

Carbon Credits

Businesses and homes can purchase carbon credits to offset the amount of power they use to operate. Some energy credits, such as WindStreet Energy, go toward putting clean energy onto the grid by purchasing it for your business. Others go towards planting trees, which will offset the amount of carbon dioxide your company uses to operate.

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