Homemade Digital TV Antenna With Coat Hangers

hangers image by peter Hires Images from Fotolia.com

Who would have thought that those old wire coat hangers could be used with today's technology for free high-definition television? A coat hanger antenna is a do-it-yourself project with pros and cons.


According to Current.org, a coat hanger antenna consists of a mast, signal receptors and conductors (recycled coat hangers), a mount and a transformer. Designs vary as it is a do-it-yourself project that encourages innovation for specific situations.


The wire coat hangers double as signal receptors and conductors that effectively transfer signals to the transformer of the antenna. The performance of these antennas is reported to be comparable to those manufactured for retail stores. In addition, coat hanger antennas cost very little when made of recycled materials.


Because of the danger of rusting, coat hanger antennas are solely for indoor use. According to AntennaWeb's website, the hangers will work best if you are a resident of a big city or are near a broadcast tower. Otherwise you probably will not be able to catch many channels. Without alteration, the design is directional, which means the antenna may have to be moved when the television channel is changed.

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