Where Can You Get RevitaLash?

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RevitaLash is an eyelash conditioner that is used to make eyelashes fuller and longer. RevitaLash is not readily available in many stores, but it can be found if you know where to look.

On the Company's Website

Find RevitaLash right at the company's website. It can be purchased in three-month and six-month amounts. At RevitaLash.com, you know you are getting a reputable product.

Doctor's Office

Your doctor can get RevitaLash for you, and it will guarantee you are getting the right product. Also, your doctor can thoroughly warn you of any side effects, and keep an eye on how well RevitaLash is working for you.


Some chemists will sell RevitaLash. Most of them will sell the product on their online stores, and some will have a sale price. Some common sites to check out are Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS.

Online Superstores

Some online superstores carry RevitaLash. Some stores, such as Amazon.com, offer reduced prices. Check out Buy.com and Overstock.com as well.


Salons often sell higher-end products not found in most stores. RevitaLash can be purchased during a trip to the salon.

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