How Long Do Clementines Stay Fresh?

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Clementine oranges are small, sweet oranges with a very strong odour, and they are heavy for their size. They are believed to be a cross between sweet oranges and mandarin oranges. Clementines are often imported from Spain, Morocco and other parts of Northern Africa.

Storage Time

Clementines can stay fresh for up to four days at room temperature, and up to two weeks refrigerated. Clementines stay the freshest and last the longest when stored between 6 degrees C and 9 degrees Celsius. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a refrigerator should be set about 4.44 degrees Celsius or lower, however, as long as the refrigerator doesn't make the clementines freeze it is the most ideal place for storage.


Clementines stay the freshest in a dry climate. Moisture can cause them to mould quickly, and drastically reduce their normal storage time.


Clementines are very sensitive to contamination. They need to be kept in a clean area, separate from other food items. Clementines also have a very strong odour, and they are sensitive to odours. If they are stored with items that are also sensitive to odour, such as butter or milk, those items will take on the odour of the clementines. Likewise, if the clementines are stored with foods that have a stronger smell, such as some cheeses, they will take on the odour of the stronger smelling food.