Sandals and bunions

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You get bunions from your parents, but you can approach them through a fashion statement because sandals can actually ease bunion pain. Choose sandals that work with your feet and your look.

Is This a Bunion?

A bunion is an enlargement of the big toe bone that is painful and also disfiguring, as it often causes the big toe to creep toward the second toe. If you have a large, painful bump on the outside of your big toe, you likely have a bunion.

Bunion Basics

Always wear the correct size shoe---or even better, try not to wear shoes at all. The Doctors Book of Home Remedies II recommends going without shoes whenever possible to ease pain and keep bunions from getting worse.

Most Comfortable Sandals for Bunions

The advantage of sandals is that they ease rubbing against shoes that can make bunions worse. Avoid sandals with straps between the big and second toe that force the toe out of line. The Foot and Ankle Center of Washington recommends sandals with arch support, as that support will keep the pressure off your big toe.

Examples of Sandal Styles

An active person may prefer something like the Chaco Unaweep2:

Designed to provide correct spacing between toes, the Yoga Sandal is marketed to bunion sufferers:

Glamming Up

Get a pedicure---the glossier the polish, the better, to draw the eye away from the bunion and toward the good grooming. French tips are an excellent idea.