The average salary of a forensic psychiatrist

Forensic psychiatry is a branch of medicine that deals with the way that mental health impacts the criminal justice system. Forensic psychiatrists may work with lawyers and police departments, or they may be employed by such to offer their services.


Psychiatrists of all types, including forensic psychiatrists, usually bill by the hour for their services, which can make determining an average salary difficult.


How much a forensic psychologist can bill is often directly linked to their experience in the field. Recent doctorate earners will have a much harder time pulling in larger fees.


Reputation is often linked to your experience. How effective you've been in the past as a forensic psychiatrist often determines what you will earn in the future.

Hourly Rate

The average hourly rate that a forensic psychologist can charge is usually between £162 and £325 an hour.


Board certified forensic psychiatrists earn between £91,000 and £117,000 per year.