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What is the average bed height?

Updated March 23, 2017

Bed heights vary widely, but there are some standard bed heights that can be used for guidance when planning for bedroom projects.

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Platform bed

The typical height for a platform bed is about 45cm (18 inches) from mattress to floor, according to This low bed means the average adult's knees will be bent when sitting on the side of the bed.

Most Common Height

According to, the most common bed height is 65cm (25 inches) from mattress to floor. Adults of average height will be able to touch the floor with their feet while sitting on the side of the bed, though their legs will be extended.

Antique beds

Taller antique beds, which sometimes require a step or stool to climb onto, are about 90cm (36 inches) high, according to The feet of an average adult sitting on the side of this bed will swing freely without touching the floor.

Loft or bunk beds

The standard height for a loft bed or the top bed of a bunk bed is about 165cm (65 inches) from mattress top to floor, according to, which offers plans for building the beds., which also provides do-it-yourself plans, uses a standard height of 175cm (69 inches) for loft beds.


A headboard or posts add height to a bed. According to, the standard heights for those features on a basic pencil-post bed are 39cm (15.5 inches) for the headboard and 190cm (75 inches) for the posts.

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