List of the top jobs for women over 50

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If you have always managed a job and your family for years, retirement may not be something you look forward to. Besides keeping yourself occupied, working after giving up a full time job has financial advantages too. It reduces what is known as longevity risk --- the chance that you will outlive your capital.

As life expectancy rises, it is wise to work for as long as possible to avoid relying on your investments alone for routine expenses. After the age of 50, it is appropriate to look for job options that provide you an opportunity to use your skills, experience and wisdom without taxing yourself too much.


Women who have a degree in a particular subject and experience using this knowledge in some job can consider teaching at schools. For example, if you have a bachelor's degree in science and experience working at a meteorological office, geography may be a good subject to teach. Most private schools look only for a bachelor's degree in the relevant subject unlike state schools that require teachers to have a Master's degree in Education. If you cannot commit to full day working, find out if you can teach special classes like computers, art or music on a part-time basis.


If you have specialised knowledge in a field, consider consultancy services. When you work as a consultant, all you need to do is use your knowledge and expertise of a subject to guide beginners who need advice. For example, if you were involved with non-profit agencies in marketing or public relations, put your experience to use by providing consulting services in fundraising. If you previously worked as a social worker, open a consultancy for non-profit organisations.

Freelance writer

With the spurt in demand for information, Internet websites strive to produce unique content to attract more traffic to their sites. This means there is a need for articles on a wide range of topics right from recipes and parenting to strategic planning and communication. Find an area where you have some expertise, and take up freelance writing assignments. Brush up your vocabulary, grammar and Internet researching skills to pen interesting, error-free articles. Approach article directory websites such as eHow, Buzzle, Hubpages and Squidoo and follow their application process to get approval as a contributor.

Online juror

Put your wisdom and maturity gained with years of experience to good use with helping others make judgments. Various online sites such as Online Verdict, eJury and Jury Test hire people to participate in mock juries. The purpose of this is to provide jury consultants and attorneys with valuable feedback on cases they handle. Fill out a questionnaire of these sites providing your demographic details. When these make a match with the specific requirements of a lawyer, they will contact you by e-mail and ask you to review the case on a secure website. All you need to do is read, watch or listen to information relevant to the case and submit your verdict.