Grants for mission trips

Whether short or long term, mission trips bring individuals to needy groups, often overseas, where they offer physical, academic and often spiritual support. Grants help missionaries cover the cost of travel, supplies and other expenses.


Grants for mission trips are often small grants, given for the purpose of funding mission projects. They are normally for short-term trips.


East to West Missions offers grants up to £260 for the purpose of, in their words, "freeing up funds" for the rest of the trip. Ministry Resources International gives money for ministry scholarships or mission supplies.


Most grants come from religious ministries, such as the United Church of Christ. Some ministries are local, such as the Episcopal Church in southern Ohio which offers youth mission grants to its members.


Some grants are limited to the location of the missions. For instance, the Kansas East Conference of the United Methodist Church grants £195 to £325 for missions in Haiti and Mexico.


Some grants are specific to particular religious groups. The Oregon District's Lutheran Women's Missionary League offers grants to Missouri Synod Lutherans doing missionary work.

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