The Advantages of Chipboard

Chipboard, sometimes called particle board, comes in a wide range of thicknesses for a wide variety of uses. As furniture or packing material, it offers several advantages over the available alternatives.


Chipboard offers an economical alternative to solid wood for furniture construction, particularly of flat pack furniture meant to be assembled by the consumer. Chipboard is also cheaper than corrugated cardboard when used for shipping or packing.

Environmental Benefits

Chipboard is made with up to 70 per cent recycled material, so it's more environmentally friendly than other alternatives. Fewer trees will be chopped down when people choose chipboard over solid wood or corrugated.


Chipboard is a sturdy material that holds up well under pressure. It protects items for shipping better than corrugated. When used in place of solid wood, it creates stable furniture without weak spots.


The covering over chipboard makes a wide variety of finishes possible. It can simulate any type of wood, and it can be made to look like the best quality of that wood, without knots or defects.


Chipboard is susceptible to damage and warping from exposure to water. Make sure it's been sealed, and keep it away from moist environments.