Prom Transport Ideas

The transportation you take to your prom is a major part of the experience. This is the time to spring for something fun, like a tricked-out van, or to take a ride in an elegant car like a Monte Carlo.


Borrowing a car from your parents, a relative or a neighbour is a time-honoured tradition of getting to the prom. Have it washed and detailed beforehand, and take care of it like it was your own.


For teens living in major cities, taking a cab would be feasible so they won't have to navigate city traffic or parking. You can arrange to be taken in a nice-looking car instead of a yellow cab.


The limousine is one of the most popular choices for prom transport because it's a unique, first-class experience. Several couples can ride together and no one has to worry about driving because you have a chauffeur.

Town Car

The town car is a classy option for a rental vehicle that won't cost as much as a limo. There is also room to bring two friends with you in the back seat.

Horse and Buggy

Kids have actually sprang for a horse and carriage to transport them to the dance. This option would work best if you live close to the event and the driver will have a safe place to keep the horse while you're inside.


A large group of students can pool their money to rent a bus so they can turn the ride to the prom into a party by bringing along music, food and drinks.

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