Types of designs in table skirting

tables image by Claude wolf from Fotolia.com

Table skirting is a decorative method of disguising table legs by covering the table with a decorative tablecloth. Many table skirting designs are available to decorators and many skirting designs are easy to make.

Skirting Design: The Kidney

A kidney table is rounded, often timed with an arc shape similar to that of a human kidney. Kidney table skirts are designed to allow for this unusual shape; skirting is tapered to follow the design of the table.

Skirting Design: Box-Pleated

A box-pleated table skirt features accordion folds in the drapery. These folds provide a formal look and such skirting is often utilised on banquet and trade show tables.

Skirting Design: Standard Round

A standard round table skirt is a simple circle of fabric meant to extend from the edge of a round table to the floor. Standard round table skirting can be of one solid colour or patterned.

Skirting Design: Skirt Overlay

A table skirt overlay is a square piece of fabric that is layered on top of a standard round table skirt. The overlay is typically of a contrasting colour and design than the skirt below it and can even be layered with a second overlay to provide a triple layer effect.

Skirting Design: Sink Skirts

A sink skirt is a variation on a table skirt used to cover the base of a sink where the pipes are exposed. Sink skirts can vary in size and design to accommodate the space they will occupy and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

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