What Is a Spreadsheet Model?

A computer spreadsheet program allows you to create, edit and maintain a spreadsheet (or worksheet) full of data. Spreadsheets allow you to make budgets, invoices and similar documents. They're used heavily in the business and financial sectors. Spreadsheet models allow most of the preparation work to be done for you.


A spreadsheet model is essentially a filled-in example of a particular type of spreadsheet.


Spreadsheet models exist for a variety of different common purposes, such as the budget of an event or the organisation of a payroll.


Common uses for spreadsheet models include getting budget estimates or inputting different sets of data to experiment with different financial outcomes.


Spreadsheet models usually come in a certain file format. Microsoft Excel has a large spreadsheet program; other options include Apple Numbers, Google Docs (which reads many formats) and Lotus Symphony.

Fun Fact

The first spreadsheet software for Macs was VisiCalc. The first spreadsheet for PCs (operating on DOS) was Lotus 1-2-3.