The average cost of transgender breast implants

Receiving breast implants is an important step for men who are attempting to reassign their sex identity. However, like any other cosmetic procedure, the costs can quickly add up, so it's important to carefully examine the procedures and take into account the costs.


Transgender breast implant surgery for men is little different than breast implant surgery for women. Men who undergo this procedure are treated the same way as women, with the same incisions, implant materials and associated risks.

Surgery Cost

As of August 2009, the average cost of breast implant surgery in the United States is £2,184. While this number might seem low, keep in mind that this is only the average and the cost can vary. This price, though, is only the cost of the operation, and not the cost of anything else that's required for the procedure. Other factors and charges must be added in to get the true price.


An additional cost for the surgery is the cost for anaesthesia. A necessary part of surgery, the fee for both the anaesthesia and for the professional who administers it is £227 to £520. The variance is because some anesthesiologists charge more for their services and some forms of drug are more expensive than others.

Facility Cost

Another charge that can be added onto the bill for transgender breast implant surgery is the cost of the facility that's used. Depending on where the surgery is performed, the cost can range from £422 to £1,202. This will depend on the type of hospital, doctor's office or operating theatre where the surgery is performed.

Other Costs

Transgendered patients might have to undergo psychiatric evaluation and testing before a surgeon agrees to perform a breast implant procedure. The surgeon will also charge a fee for performing the breast implant surgery. In addition to those costs, recipients of transgender breast implants will have to pay for prescription medication, medical tests, surgical garments and other expenses that will vary by procedure and location. When all is said and done, the total cost of transgender breast implant surgery can rise as high as £5,200 to £6,500.