Placenta Cream Benefits

Image by, courtesy of D. Sharon Pruitt

Placenta cream is a cosmetic created to make one's skin more healthy and beautiful. The ingredients of placenta cream include just that: a placenta. Depending on the brand, placenta cream makes use of placentas mainly from humans, cows and sheep.

Placentas are full of nutrients; it is thought that because the placenta has so many powerful life-supporting nutrients, the cream is one of the most naturally replenishing, beneficial beauty products.

What is a Placenta?

A placenta is a thin, flat, round membrane that attaches itself to the wall of the uterus during pregnancy. The umbilical cord attaches the foetus to the placenta. As explained at, the placenta produces pregnancy-related hormones such as chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), oestrogen and progesterone. It provides the foetus with oxygen and nutrients through small blood vessels, and it allows waste from the fetal blood to enter the mother's blood stream; the maternal blood and the fetal blood never mix. After the baby is born, the placenta is released in a process referred to as "after birth."

Placenta Cream Benefits

According to, placenta cosmetics are a skin care trend that began in the 1930s with an injection. explains that because of the nourishing qualities of the placenta, the cream has been noted as being a "wonder cream" in the field of cosmetics; placenta cream is best known as being an anti-ageing cream because it stimulates cell renewal. As the skin ages, cells do not renew as rapidly as they once did, causing the skin to appear thinner. Placenta cream benefits are that the cell renewal placenta cream creates causes the skin to retain a youthful quality.


According to, their placenta cosmetics are "loaded with minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that are naturally occurring as a result of the placenta protein." explains that "placenta cosmetic products are as natural as you can get--given the fact the placenta originates straight from the womb's lining and is responsible for nourishing the foetus." Some products use very few additives, but some claim their product is a placenta cream when there is actually only a small amount of placenta. Make sure to read the ingredients to verify the purity of the placenta cream in order to maximise potential placenta cream benefits.


A placenta comes directly from a mother's womb and provides for the transfer of blood between the foetus and the mother. If the mother or foetus is diseased, the placenta will be diseased. Most placenta cosmetic manufacturers put the placenta through a sterilisation process. According to, "the placenta protein preparation is sterile, safe, and completely digestible by the human body. There are no restrictions in terms of applications. Upon ingestion, it is readily assimilated into the body with usually no identifiable side effects." However, remember to read the label and thoroughly research a product before use.


Placenta cream can be found for personal application in cosmetic boutiques, spas and cosmetic websites. Skin care centres and spas also provide application of placenta cream cosmetics. Due to the nature of placenta cream, acquiring a placenta is a natural process and cannot be artificially manufactured; placenta cream is generally available at a higher price point than standard moisturisers. The price range is wide; placenta creams can be found anywhere from £6 a jar to £65. Expect to pay in the hundreds for spa treatments. Do your homework. As with most products, if it is "too good to be true," you may be looking at a product that is either not offering pure ingredients or that is not offering the percentage of placenta that will be the most beneficial.