The average cost of a home elevator

Image by, courtesy of Yuma Hori

In recent years, home elevators have become increasingly popular. With hundreds of ways to customise home elevator apparatus, the task of selecting the best set-up at the best price can be intimidating.

In the end, whether installed for a touch of luxury of out of medical necessity, home elevators can add significant value to a home.

Average Costs

The cost of a home elevator lies roughly between £9,750 and £13,000, with the cheapest types bottoming out at about £6,500 and the most expensive reaching up to £65,000 and beyond.


A home elevator's cost depends largely on its features, the range of which is surprisingly large. Among those to consider are weight capacity, type and durability of materials, decoration for the interior of the cab (for instance, carpeting, mirrors or chandeliers), and in-line or opposite openings (exiting on the same or opposite sides at each elevator exit point). If such features aren't important to you and function is all you're after, opting for a small winding drum elevator or a vertical lift may be your best bet.


The size and constitution of a home's elevator system strongly influence the cost. For instance, an elevator cab that is 3 feet wide by 4 feet deep will is more affordable than one 3 feet wide by 5 feet deep, and an elevator connecting only two stops (a first and second floor, for instance) is more affordable than one with several stops.


Home elevators can be built in the form of a roped-hydraulic elevator, a vacuum elevator, a counter-weighted chain drive elevator or a winding drum elevator. Prices for the various elevator type fluctuate with different companies and when applied in different settings.


When installing a home elevator after rather than during the home's construction, the price increases. Therefore, those adding an elevator system to an existing home should expect to pay more.


Some of the most established and reliable home elevator companies include TK Access, Savaria Concord, Federal Elevator, National Wheel-o-vator, American Crescent, Matot and Inclinator.