The Causes of Swollen Eyelids & Face

When the face and eyelids are swollen, it can make you look tired and can age you significantly. There are many reasons why the face and eyes retain water. While some causes of puffiness cannot be helped, certain causes can be remedied using natural methods.

Too Much Salt

High salt intake can cause the body to retain fluids, which is the body's natural defence against dehydration. When the body holds in fluids frequently, it can cause the water to become trapped in certain areas. The face can become swollen, the eyes can appear puffy and the fingers and toes can feel thicker. In order to avoid retaining water, try to decrease your overall salt intake.

Not Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause the entire system to not function properly. This can lead to puffy bags and dark circles under the eyes, which can cause the face to appear tired and aged. Make sure that you receive at least eight hours of restful sleep every night to avoid a puffy face and eyes.

Thyroid Dysfunction

The thyroid gland regulates the production and distribution of thyroid hormone in the body, and when the thyroid gland has a dysfunction it can cause the systems in the body to malfunction and not work properly. Thyroid dysfunction is largely hereditary, and can be difficult to control without thyroid replacement hormones. One of the ways that the body malfunctions is in the balancing of salts in the blood and tissues. This can lead to fluid retention, which results in a swollen face and eyes.


During the last trimester of pregnancy, the body prepares for the delivery of the new baby. One way that the body changes during this time is to hold onto more fluids to ensure that there will be enough water in the body during delivery. This can cause puffy skin around the eyes, face, hands and feet. Although there is no immediate treatment for this type off fluid retention, it usually resolves itself quickly after the baby has been delivered.


Excess weight on the body can cause a disruption of the proper function of the body, including in the digestive and circulatory systems. One way that this manifests in the body is by the retention of fluids around the face and eyes. In order to relieve this puffiness of the face, try to achieve and maintain a healthy weight for your height.