What Is a Facial Faradic Treatment?

A faradic facial uses electrical pulses to contract muscles in the face producing an overall toned effect. The contractions increase blood circulation and build muscle. As the muscle builds underneath the skin, it produces the appearance of smoother skin on the surface as well as a fuller, firmer facial contour.


Pads are placed on the face above the muscles targeted for stimulation. The pads transmit electrical pulses to the nerve endings, making the muscle contract. Frequency of the electric pulse is determined by the clinician and the recommended treatment plan. Sessions last about 15 minutes and are given at least twice a week to start. Maintenance treatments are required in order to maintain the appearance achieved.


Increases skin-cell regeneration. Builds muscles, improving appearance of skin and contour of face. Stimulates the skin, improving its appearance. Muscle contraction causes increased blood and lymphatic flow, speeding up waste elimination.

Skin-Sensitivity Test

Before treatment, your clinician will perform a skin-sensitivity test. This will determine the sensitivity of your nerve endings and whether or not they will respond positively to the stimuli. It is a simple, quick and painless test.

During the test the clinician will lightly tap various areas on the client's face with a hard, pointed object (toothpick) and a soft object (cotton swab). Whether or not the client is able to tell the difference between the two determines the nerve sensitivity. If they are unable to discern the difference, the treatment will not be recommended. In order to prevent damage and pain it is very important for a client to be able to feel the stimulation and know whether or not the treatment is going as planned.

Other Wses

The treatment can be utilised on the arms, legs, hips and stomach to help tone muscles and reduce fat and cellulite. It is also widely used by doctors to help ease pain and accelerate, promote and stimulate growth, healing and restoration throughout the body.


The most common electrotherapy treatments offered by salons are: faradic, galvanic and laser.

A faradic current is an alternating current that affects the muscle only and causes no reaction in the skin. A galvanic current is a constant current that affects both the skin and muscle. Most often it is used for electrolysis and to firm skin, minimise pores and decrease redness due to acne. Lasers are used to firm and rejuvenate skin, smooth wrinkles and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

There are many different treatments that are offered under each of these types of electrotherapy. It is important to thoroughly discuss each procedure and its benefits with the clinician in order to determine the most appropriate treatment plan.