Breast increase during menopause

Physicians will probably tell you that breast size may decrease after menopause because of a decline in oestrogen levels, however, many post-menopausal women are apt to say that their breasts increased by at least one cup size, requiring that they purchase new bras.

Lack of Research

According to, a study was done to try and determine if a woman's breasts did, in fact, grow after menopause. Not much research has been done on this topic, but it is known that 30 per cent of the requests for breast reduction are made by post menopausal women. However, it is not known if these women always had large breasts or if their breasts became too big to suit them after menopause.

What Doctors Say

Physicians may argue that breast size decreases post-menopause because of the decrease in oestrogen. However, menopausal women reportedly have a lower lypolitic response in mammary and abdominal tissue, which suggests that breast size could and can increase after menopause. Doctors also maintain that a decrease, rather than an increase, will result because of the breasts' glandular tissue mass diminishes.

What Women Say

A survey was done among lingerie shop owners, who reported that their customers noted an increase in bust size around the age of 50. Four out of five of the customers said the increase occurred when they entered into menopause. The store owners reported, across the board, that 65- to 80 per cent of their customers reported an increase in breast size after menopause and the increase was up to two full cup sizes.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is common during menopause so this may account for the increase in breast size. According to the Mayo Clinic, weight tends to accumulate around a woman's abdomen, rather than on her hips and thighs, when she is menopausal. She may also gain the weight in her breasts. If a woman gains more than 9.07 Kilogram during menopause, she increases her risk of getting breast cancer by nearly 20 per cent.

Water Retention

Water retention, which is another hazard of menopause, may account for the increase in breast size. If a woman is taking hormone therapy replacement (HRT), which contains synthetic progesterone and oestrogen, this can cause her to retain water, which will increase the size of her breasts as well as result in soreness of the breasts. If a woman uses progesterone cream, this may increase her breast size by a full cup, according to

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