Where Can I Get Safe Free Ringtones?

That phone you bought was perfect until you heard your friend's ringtone. Maybe it was a snippet from a popular tune or a baby's giggling. Now you need some free ringtones. Your options depend on the type of phone you have and the services included in your phone plan.

As long as you have an Internet connection, you can safely download ringtones or send them directly to your phone.


Polyphonic ringtones are the most popular choice for many cell phone users. The majority of these are either MIDI files or MP3s. Check your phone's user manual to find out your options. Before you start surfing, you also need to know if your phone can receive an SMS or multimedia message with active web links. If not, you will have to download your ringtones to a computer and use a Bluetooth connection or data cable to transfer a ringtone to your phone.

Cell Phone Carrier Promotions

Your phone service carrier is the first place to check for free ringtones. Even though most providers have fees for ringtones, many have special offers that let you earn a free download or use a coupon. Check your monthly statement or the carrier's website to find out if you have any credits that you can use for a new ringtone. Promotional coupons for Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and other major cell carriers frequently show up in popular online deals sites like Fat Wallet.

Windows Mobile Ringtones

Smartphone owners can sign up for free Windows Total Access memberships and get free ringtones, games and apps that are compatible with the Windows mobile operating system. Once you've registered, you will get updates from Microsoft about the latest additions. Your only restrictions will be the amount of storage space on your phone.

Apple iPhone Ringtones

iTunes is the site of choice for downloading ringtones for an iPhone. The phone has built-in software that lets you convert MP3s to iPhone format and make customised ringtones quickly. You can download one of the free songs on iTunes, if you find one that you like. If you use a song from your own music library, it must be Digital Rights Management free. iPhone users can also download a trial copy of Ambrosia's iToner software and make customised ringtones. You will need to use MP3s that you already own or download some.


Review the supported phones for individual ringtones. Don't spend time downloading a clip that won't work on your phone. Read the user agreement on free ringtone sites before you hit "ENTER." Some sites that advertise free ringtones require that you register for offers from multiple websites to earn enough credits for your "free" song. If you visit a site that asks for a credit card at any point in the download process, your ringtone isn't free. It could cost you much more than you would have paid by downloading a ringtone from a reputable site.