Can you take an iPod on a plane?

With their wide array of features in a tiny size, the iPod is perfect for travel. But, with the heightened security standards of contemporary society, it can be open to doubt whether iPods are allowed on planes. Luckily, you will find that, in most cases, iPods are allowed on planes and are very useful in such situations.


Considering the increase in security measures, people have come to think iPods have become banned on aeroplanes. This is not true. According to the Transportation Security Administration, iPods as well as most other electronics are allowed on planes.


Phones generally are not allowed to be brought aboard flights, so it is questionable whether the iPhone is allowed as well. Conveniently, Apple has provided an "aeroplane" mode for the iPhone, which when turned on disables phone and texting services while still rendering the device useful as a media centre. Most flights will allow the iPhone as long as "aeroplane mode" is turned on.


Taking your iPod with you on flight can be of great use. You can have a library of music to listen to while in the air, and if you have an iPod Touch/iPhone or iPod Video, you can bring along your favourite movies as well. While portable CD players combined with CDs and their cases take up too much space, iPods fit conveniently in your pocket and can store gigabytes of data.


If you have an iPod Touch or iPhone, your device does not have to be limited to a media centre only. Depending on the applications you acquire for your iPod, your device can be very versatile. With the application Quickoffice, you can view and edit Word documents -- perfect for students and businessmen. Also, you can read eBooks and play games (even original Nintendo Entertainment System games).


Though Wi-Fi is now accessible while in flight, make sure you abide by the rules and keep all electronic devices (iPods included) turned off during take-off and landing. This prevents electronic interference that may occur.

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