What Are the Places That Will Accept Book Donations?

There are a number of places and organisations that will gladly accept donations of used books. Because purchasing new books is oftentimes not in the budget for many organisations, donations of reading materials are greatly appreciated. Here are some suggestions on where to donate your used books.


The library is often the first place to consider when deciding where to donate used books. Larger libraries may not have a need for these kinds of donations in stocking their shelves, but they can be a source of revenue when the library holds a book sale. Smaller libraries located in rural areas will have the greatest need for used book donations.

Nursing homes

Many nursing homes have libraries for residents, but do not update their materials often. A donation of used books would be a great way for residents to get their hands on new reading material.

Homeless shelters

Homeless shelters also have a need for books for their residents. Because most of these shelters run on shoestring budgets, purchasing reading material may not be a feasible option for them.

Day cares

Day cares always have a need for children's books, which have a habit of getting damaged and disappearing over time.


Hospitals sometimes take book donations through their volunteer programs. The hospital volunteers pass the books on to patients as part of their routine volunteer service.

Jails and Prisions

Jails and prisons have libraries available to the inmates. Because some books are considered contraband, donations must be checked and approved by jail administration.

Social service agencies

Social service agencies that have residential facilities gladly accept book donations. These facilities include battered women's shelters, drug recovery centres and halfway houses.